Saturday, July 10, 2010

Effect of co-ordinating the chant with one’s Breath

Reduction in unwanted thoughts
Living in the present
Continuity in chanting the Name of God
Purification of the environment


Aspect of chanting and its importance in percentages :

Just chanting the name of god is - 10% important

Chanting combined with one’s breath is - 30% important

Experiencing the fruits of our chanting is - 70% important

Experiencing just one’s presence and of oneself being separate from God is - 90% important

Experiencing of being one with God is - 100% important.

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Naam Smaran

The world becomes delighted on hearing the kirtana of Lord's name and fame.

One who chants sri-hari-nama is worshipable in the world.Chanting hari-nama destroys prarabdha-karma (the results of past pious or impious activity which is now bearing fruit).

Hari-nama can yield all kinds of benefits. One who hears sri-hari-nama becomes liberated from hell.

Hari-nama-kirtana is more glorious and beneficial than studying the Vedas. Performing hari-nama is better than visiting all tirthas
- Skanda Purana

Sri-hari-nama is the only method for those who have no way.

Sri-visnu-smaranam destroys all sins but is attained only after much endevor. Visnu-kirtana, however, is superior because the same benefit is attained simply by vibrating sri-nama upon one’s lips.

Simply performing kirtana of Sri Hari’s Nama in Kali-yuga gives the same results as those that are achieved by meditating on Bhagavan in Satya-yuga, by worshiping Him with great yajnas in Treta-yuga, and by performing formal Deity worship in Dvapara-yuga.

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